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This body of work was created during an Artist in Residence in New Mexico.


While exploring one of the busiest cities of the world, Justin was drawn to the solitary figures of Tokyo.


Justin suffered a minor stroke, spending weeks on bed rest and in the hospital, Justin came to terms with the absence of independence, while fantasizing of past explorations of the wilderness.


The redefinition of sacred space in an overdeveloped world


Rediscovering our past through the lens of Hurricane Sandy. 

Pet Food

In his youth Justin worked at a pet store. He bonded with an injured mouse and nursed him back to help. A month later, the mouse was able to be put back on display, and was immediately sold as food for another animal. This memory stayed with him. This series examines the dual purpose of animals as companions and sustenance. 


A traditional exploration of Yosemite Valley, while following in the footsteps of his predecessors. 


Architectural and natural abstractions


An exploration of neglect and emptiness in the rural pockets of the north shore. 

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